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Ulrich Dahm-Wachsmann

(Pictures: Initiative LifeCare; Neue Alno GmbH)

Pfullendorf, 10th February 2020

Alno receives the gold award as favourite brand; ALNOSPACE wins the KüchenInnovationspreis 2020

Alno's above-average consumer orientation in product development has resulted in the kitchen innovation prize for the year for the third time in a row.
In 2020, the handleless ALNOARTpro door frames of Alno's versatile metal frame concept convinced consumers and the expert committee. For this outstanding achievement, the LifeCare initiative awards the "favourite brand" prize in gold, which is only awarded every three years. This year Alno won the coveted award for its special products.

With the "Kücheninnovation des Jahres®" 2020, the LifeCare initiative also honours the ALNOSPACE system, a room divider construction kit made of aluminium steles and horizontal profiles, which was presented for the first time in autumn. The combination of the structure with glass shelves, light and new furniture elements allows flexible expansion of the kitchen design to the adjoining living environment.
Slim light profiles, transparent smoke glass elements and practical wooden scoop shelves combine attractive comfort with sensible functionality. The elements braced between ceiling and floor make ALNOSPACE appear light and airy as a room-filling piece of furniture. Various pieces of furniture, glass and wooden floors as well as the scoop shelves are attached to the vertical steles with form-fitting furniture adapters. These can be easily removed during conversion. As a pure shelving structure in connection with a classically planned kitchen or integrated into the living environment of the apartment: ALNOSPACE shows its advantages in all situations of interior design.